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Saturation Height Modelling - Io-Jansz Field

Saturation Height Modelling from capillary pressure measurements helps quantify the hydrocarbon volume based upon the porosity and permeability of the reservoir. It should be reconciled with the traditional resistivity based saturation. The attached PDF presentation shows how this was in the Io-Jansz Field offshore North West Shelf Western Australia.

In addition the Io-Jansz presentation shows how a Imbibition Saturation Height Function can be applied to determine the residual volumes as the water aquifer has imbibed into the reservoir after production. This has never been captured before.

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North West Shelf West Australia


North West Shelf oil project currently being processed.

Gulf of Mexico


Gulf of Mexico oil project currently being processed.

North West Shelf West Australia


Prospect evaluation of new North West Shelf Carnarvon Basin Permit.

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