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Wesley Emery

Director iRPM Pty Ltd


My petrophysical experience extends to basins in Malaysia/South China Sea, Turkey and Australia and is centered on shaly sand gas and oil fields. I am experienced in the integration of Petrophysical properties associated with facies (rock types/flow units etc) in 3D reservoir modeling, which are critical controls to field appraisal, development and production. I am competent with capillary pressure saturation techniques for Drainage and Imbibition, routine and special core analysis measurements and incorporation of these into the reservoir model.


My exposure includes deviated wells and both oil and water based mud systems. I am competent in analysis of LWD and wireline log data including NMR processing for permeability and volume of clay measurements, formation sampling for determining hydrocarbon-water contacts/levels and borehole imaging techniques for determination of sand/shale ratios in low grade pay and borehole stability studies.


I have conducted several petrophysical interpretation schools using complex lithology and silty shaly sand models. School contents included theory of measurement and interpretation of basic logging tools namely GR, SP, Laterolog, Induction, Density, Neutron and Sonic and also more advanced auxiliary tools like NMR, FMI/EMI/STAR, MDT/RFT/RST/FET, CBL, TCP, TDT and PLT. Details of the presentation material are available upon request. The School focus was also on quality control of data loading, editing and presentation.


My wireline logging field experience is extensive in both open hole and cased hole including the majority of the tools mentioned above, in addition to running Tubing Conveyed perforating (TCP), wireline perforating, drill pipe back off and tubing/casing cutters.


I have very good computer skills not only with general Microsoft products but also basic computer programming skills that can be used to complement petrophysical interpretation. I have extensive experience with the Petrolog, Geolog and Techlog PC based Petrophysical software package, with exposure to Interactive Petrophysics (IP).


I am respectful of and have successfully worked in multi-disciplined and multi-cultural teams for many years in both Petrophysics and wireline field logging.

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